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Alaska State Fair Demonstration August 26, 2012 6:00PM
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USA Judges: Jim Elder

Pam & Legion BH
Cassi & Keil BH
Sara & Tommi BH (Hundesport's 1st Jr Handler with a title)
Carol & Akasha OBD 1
Brigitte & Raven Sch H A
Kathy & Meph pulled, Meph went out of control by running around the field celebrating with the dumbbell entertaining the spectators.
Way to go everyone!!!

USA Judges: Anne Marie Chaffin:

Kathy & Meph   SchH I    95/73/82  250

Brigitte & Raven  SchH I    72/81/80  233

Shaun & Austin  SchH I   71/84/80 235   High  Obedience

Chris & Valfodr   BH

Pam & Legion  TR I

Sara & Tommi    AD

Chelsie & Akasha  AD

Cheri & Xena  BH

Liv & Nicko     SchH III     96/80/83  259   High Protection & High in Trial

Monica & Ric   SchH I     97/76/80 253  High Tracking

Bernie & Zodiak   AD

Susan & Ryza   TR I & OB I

Way to go everyone!!!

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For more information on how you and your dog can become a Hundesport member and participate in the sport of schutzhund contact: Shaun & Brigitte Lytle email or call 907-745-4943, 529-4648. Kathy Carmen

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