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Alaska State Fair Demonstration August 26, 2012 6:00PM
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Shaun & Brigitte became Hundesport members in 1999. Shaun is the treasurer and Brigitte is the Training director.  Destiny and Shmile (Shaun Michael Lee) their children were born, and have grown up in the club.The Lytle's began training with GSD's and soon after added other breeds to further improve their training experience. Shaun and Brigitte now own Alaska Dog Boarding & Training, Inc. in Palmer Alaska.  They are also Working German Shepherd Breeders.

Both are Helpers for Hundesport Alaska!

Brigitte with her male GSD

Click here to see videos & photos of Othello Lytle vom Banach BH, SchHI, PPD

Training Tracking Sept. 2009


High in Tracking, OBD & 2009 Trial!

95 Points for Tracking


Brigitte Training Tracking Sept. 2009
2009 Hundesport Alaska's Schutzhund Trial
2009 Schutzhund Trial!

Ophir Lytle vom Klatolklin
Bred, Handled, Owned, Trained, by Shaun Lytle
Training Sept. 2009
Dobson vom Lytle
Bred, Handled, Owned, Trained, By Brigitte & Shaun
Training Sept. 2009

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Alaska\'s Working German Shepherds

We are full time dog trainers Owners of Alaska Dog Boarding & Trianing, Inc. & A Working German Shepherd kennel$1,200,

For more information on how you and your dog can become a Hundesport member and participate in the sport of schutzhund contact: Shaun & Brigitte Lytle email or call 907-745-4943, 529-4648. Kathy Carmen

                                    German Shepherd Pups For Sale!
Working German Shepherd Pups For Sale!

We are the Owners of Alaska Dog Boarding & Trianing, Inc. & A Working German Shepherd kennel in Palmer, AK. NEW: Imported Females & Males ...